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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wed 24th May 2017 - Westridge Cemetery, Ryde. GG # 686.

Terry's Photographs.

The gateway to a new GG venue….

One of the several fallen trees.

First, trim off all the smaller branches.

Then drag them away.

Starting work on the main trunks.

Phew…all this on a hot sunny day!

Trimming some of the overhanging trees and shrubs.

What a difference…! The tumbled trees have all but gone.

One huge pile of cut branches.

So much more light getting in now.

We were careful not to step on the common spotted orchids….

and we repositioned this common toad away from the work area.

I imagine that more than a few GG members had to look at the map that Mark thoughtfully attaches to the work program before starting out to this new venue. This well hidden cemetery is to the south of the junction where Great Preston Road joins Smallbrook Lane and is one of those places that we have all driven by many times but never noticed the cemetery gates…! As parking here is very restricted, it was park in the surrounding side streets and then walk the rest of the way. We were met by the church warden who gave us a tour of the cemetery to point out the jobs that he would like us to tackle. The largest of these tasks (quite literally!) was a huge Leylandii tree that had toppled across one of the main pathways. The photographs above show just how massive this tree was and I think that we were somewhat sceptical of our chances of cutting it up. With true GG grit, we were soon removing the outer   branches before tackling the much larger trunk sections.  The sun was really beating down so it was definitely a day for short sleeves and plenty of bottled water. Come tea break, everyone was more than ready for a rest and a refreshing cuppa…! While some of the team were playing at being lumberjacks, the others were trimming back the overhanging shrubs and trees which made access to graves a whole lot easier. Special care was taken to ensure that we didn't disturb any nesting birds or step on the wildlife or wild flowers. This was a very challenging session but very enjoyable to work in such a lovely wild life haven on the outskirts of busy Ryde. Please can we have a return visit there soon?

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs this week.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wed 17th May 2017 - Play Lane Millennium Green, Ryde. GG # 685.

Terry's Photographs.

Editorial will be added when it arrives,  (I missed this session but it did look rather wet!)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wed 10th May 2017 - Bodster Equine Assisted Learning CIC, Godshill. GG # 684.

Terry's Photographs.

Team GG start to arrive and take in the wonderful views.

A walk around the work areas.

The pile of limestone had become rather consolidated!

Back to the van for more tools.

Starting the top layer of the pathway.

Cutting back the overgrown areas.

Meanwhile, up in the barn...

the bench-makers practise their skills.

Number one completed and on test…!

The finished benches installed.

Wow….where did all that bramble go???

The completed pathway.

A visiting starling…

plus a Great Tit and….

a Blue Tit.
Giles's Photographs.

Wow, yet another new venue for us GGmers to attend on a Wednesday morning! Most of us arrived without too much of a navigational issue and were directed to the parking area. A tour of the facilities and a detailed explanation of the proposed work package led us to believe that we would be hard pushed to get everything done on this first visit…! It is well established that Team GG are never daunted by hard work so it was go…go…go. With part of the team building a new pathway and others clearing a rather overgrown area plus various other tasks being undertaken, it was a good job that we had such a good turnout. If you did manage to take a quick workbreak then it was hard not to look around at the stunning views over Godshill and the surrounding farmland. Although that cool easterly wind was still present, the top layers of clothing were soon discarded due to the pleasant sunshine and hard graft. Many thanks for allowing us to use the classroom and facilities for the tea break.
Rather than try and describe the work in detail, I invite you to view the photographs above which show most aspects of the tasks undertaken.

Many thanks to Terry and Giles for taking the excellent photographs.