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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wed 19th April 2017 - Bully's Pit, Brading. GG # 681.

Terry's Photographs.

Pre-session briefing.

Off we go….

Clearing the new Downs "motorway"

Tumbling tumble weed?

Dealing with some of the more troublesome growth.

Perhaps we will be building steeps here soon?

All ready for pedestrian traffic.

Tea break (the seated guy, centre rear, had an extra long break!)

Working in the old chalk pit.

Wall Brown butterfly

Holly Blue butterfly.

A new venue for Team Green Gym this week, the old chalk pit, known as Bully's Pit, Brading. After a bit of a problem with the access gate (two lock but only one key…!) we were soon tackling the jobs that had been assigned. The main job of the day was to rake-up all the cuttings where a new footpath had been cut through from the pit to the downs. This had been mechanically flailed which leaves all the arising scattered everywhere. I think that the photographs above will show the improvement we made there…! Opening this up will make access to this pit, from the downs, much safer - the alternative is to walk down the main road which has no footpaths. Those Team GG members who were unable, or unwilling, to tackle the steep approach to the new path were gainfully employed working in the main chalk pit. As this area will occasionally have the grass cut now, it is important that all the large chalk lumps are moved to the side. As per usual there was a litter pick with particular attention being paid to the considerable amounts of broken glass. The weather was pleasantly sunny but with a keen easterly wind blowing.
On completion of the session, a number of GGmers went off on a circular walk around Brading, taking in the wonderful views.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs this week (like the butterfly ones Terry!).

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wed 12th April 2017 - Matin's Wood (The Bee Fields) Newchurch. GG # 680.

Terry's Photographs.

Details of the venue.

Pre session briefing.

Down amongst the cherry trees.

Beautiful spring blooms.

Cleaning out tree guards.

That's what you call a scrape…!

Taking a well earned break.

Just a few of the tree guards that were
removed from the bigger trees.

We seem to visit this venue about the same time each year, just when the daffodils are in full bloom. We were tasked to continue the work we have been doing to create ground scrapes, which will encourage the numerous bee species in this area to set up home. For full details of this site please use the following link Martin's Wood | Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust . Besides creating new bee nesting areas we helped to remove some of the old rabbit guards from the more established trees and cut back any areas of bramble that were starting to flourish again. We were delighted to hear that the number of different varieties of bees seen in this area continues to grow - perhaps due to our efforts over the previous years? The session started with overcast sky but eventually the sun started to shine through.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the excellent photographs this week.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wed 5th April 2017 - Northwood House, Cowes. GG # 679.

Terry's Photographs.

Part of the team start on the Bay tree stumps..

while the others set off for the tennis courts.

The grass had encroached over the tarmac pathways -

by a considerable margin…!

The latest Green Gym apprentice - Gizmo.

Just look at that perfect edging.

All those Bay tree stumps were dug-up and the
holes back filled, then re-turfed over.

Toby's Photographs.

This week we were back at Northwood House to assist the team of volunteers who make such a wonderful job of maintaining the house and gardens gardens. As so often with our sessions, the team were split into two working groups….. one dealing with rampant Bay tree growth and the others clearing turf from the pathways that surround the tennis courts. Both teams had some backbreaking work - the Bay roots were DEEP and the grass that was removed had to be wheel-harrowed some considerable distance to the composting area. It was a beautiful spring day and a real pleasure to be working in those magnificent grounds.

Many thanks to Terry and Toby for taking the photographs this week.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wed 29th March 2017 - The Railway Station, Sandown. GG # 678.

Mark's Photographs.

Working in the main car park.

Partaking of refreshment at tea break.

Group shot to promote The People's Project for West Wight
Sports Centre. See Mark's note below.

Working over on the Lake side of the railway line.

The main car park work completed and looking good.

Was it Larry Grayson who had the catch phrase - "What a grey day!"? Well, that certainly summed-up our Wednesday morning GG session this week, all very overcast. Having all met up in the station car park (lots of empty parking spaces) Mark gave us a briefing on what needed our attention. Part of the work was to the Lake side of the railway track and those who have a very long memory might have remembered that we worked there some EIGHT years ago - (see this link Wed 26th August - Sandown Station. ) The other task was to try and sort out the planters in front of the main station building/ cafe. It was here that the retaining wall, made of railway sleepers (what else would they use..?) had fallen over in several places and needed some serious reconstruction work. At both work areas the shrubs were given a light trim, weed removal and a good litter pick. We were supposed to be top mulching the flower beds but we never did find out what happened to the mulch delivery. It was fortunate that it was rubbish bin collection day and the operatives were kind enough to dispose of all the litter we had collected. Tea break was held at the on-site cafe, called The Gas Light Cafe, where the ladies made us feel very welcome - many thanks ladies. As we started to clear-up at the end of the session the drizzle started again which soon turned into heavier rain but…by then….most of us were in the car heading home….phew!

A note from Mark.

Some links...
Carole was promoting the People's Project bid which West Wight Sports Centre have entered and would appreciate us to all vote for please.

We were for the Isle of Wight Community Rail Partenership, Bobby Lock who is the project leader was very appreciative of all of our work. You might be interested in their facebook page, there is news regarding the future from the new franchise holder for Island Line...

Many thanks

Thanks for the photographs Mark.